Supplying and installing a floor in the Jorvik Viking Museum in the centre of York

We were asked by RMA Themed Attractions to supply and install a floor in the newly refurbished Viking Museum in the Centre of York. RMA completed the layout and design and then we supplied sample boards so they could choose the colour of the River and display area. 

The board installed was our E157 select grade 260mm wide engineered unfinished Oak. This was also used in the Design Museum in another project. Being unfinished and high quality it allowed for the river to be created using a router and stainless steel insert and different coloured oils.

This can be seen from the images. The theme, was to have a “River” that flows through the exhibits taking visitors to each different section of the Viking’s history in the UK. 
We were proud to be chosen for this project and our fitter did a fantastic job in less than a week. The museum opens in the spring of 2017 so please visit and see for yourself. If you have any innovative design projects in any location, please contact us directly on 01666 504015