St Peter’s C of E Primary School, Farnham

Project: St Peter’s C of E Primary School, Farnham

An expanding school in Wrecclesham, Farnham, St Peter’s C of E Primary School is currently undergoing significant development work, with a £3.7 million rebuilding programme underway at the site.
Designed to help the school accommodate their increasing pupil numbers and to ensure they are able to provide a consistently happy, safe and exciting environment in which their pupils can learn and develop, the rebuild is to include a new state-of-the-art two storey teaching block, school hall and administrative area.

In accordance with planning regulations 20% of the energy for the new building has to come from renewable sources and DHP Property Consultants, full interdisciplinary consultants on the project, took the decision to install a gas absorption heat pump for this purpose. A range of associated heating solutions have then been specified throughout the building to ensure a comfortable indoor climate for pupils and staff at all times.

Specifically designed to partner renewable heating technologies in educational and commercial buildings, Zehnder Nova Neo radiators have been installed along the corridors and in the stairwell of the new teaching block. Lee Mason, Associate at DHP Property Consultants comments, “With the lower flow and return temperatures derived from the heat pump we needed a suitable emitter to meet the heat output requirements of certain problematic areas. Providing efficient heating at system temperatures of between 25°C – 40°C, with the benefit of exceptional controllability and additional heat boosts when needed, the Zehnder Nova Neo was the perfect choice for this part of the building.”   

A hybrid of heating technologies the Zehnder Nova Neo operates like a conventional radiator, but utilising ingenious new technology (New Energies Optimised) it also incorporates small yet powerful fans coupled with a heat emitter to boost heat output quickly and efficiently, as and when required. When heating without fans the Zehnder Nova Neo operates like a conventional radiator by disseminating radiant and convected heat. Activating the integrated fans increases convection and therefore greatly boosts the heating output. As a result, when compared with a conventional radiator the Zehnder Nova Neo achieves a significantly quicker heat-up time when operated at the same system temperature. This helps reduce overall energy consumption, lowers carbon emissions and improves the heating experience for the building occupants.

“In addition to the heating aspect, Health and Safety considerations are also very important when installing heating systems in educational buildings” adds Lee. “Because the water travelling through the Zehnder Nova Neo is at a low temperature it possesses the same characteristics as a Low Surface Temperature radiator. This makes it ideal for use in schools and nurseries.”

Locally based heating contractors, SMS (Southern) Ltd, carried out the installation of the products and being their first experience with the Zehnder Nova Neo were pleased with its ease of handling. “As the Nova Neo is supplied as a finished product the installation was very straightforward” explains John Postins, Contracts Manager for SMS.”With no assembly required on site the radiators were mounted and connected quickly and safely.”
Commenting on the use of the Zehnder Nova Neo Lee concludes “Delivering optimum system performance with reduced energy consumption and no health and safety concerns the Zehnder Nova Neo made both functional and long-term financial sense for the school.”

With the new teaching block now complete and open for use the Business Manager at St Peter’s Primary School adds, “We are extremely pleased with the whole project and are delighted to be settled into the new teaching block. The heating system has been functioning smoothing, and with no complaints from our numerous occupants we can only conclude that they are happy with the indoor temperature.”
Work is continuing on the second phase of the project where additional Zehnder Nova Neo radiators are to be installed. The whole project is planned for completion in Spring 2013.