St. Mary Magdalene Academy, London

Project: St. Mary Magdalene Academy, London

  • Top London academy required a new fingerprint access control system to monitor and control access to their facilities.
  • West London Security installed a 25-reader Sensor Access system using the backbone of the original system.
  • The new system will facilitate further functionality in future, including library services and cashless canteen payments.

The client

St. Mary Magdalene Academy is situated on Liverpool Road in Islington and specialises, unusually, in Humanities and Global Citizenship. The academy sets ambitious targets for its pupils and facilitates the achievement of such targets with the very best teaching staff and cutting edge technology, including a computerised tracking and assessment system that allows teachers to monitor the individual progress of their pupils.

St. Mary's wanted to take their use of technology a step further by monitoring and controlling access to the academy and different areas within it, ensuring the safety and security of all pupils and staff on a day to day basis. They‘d already installed a fingerprint access control system for staff, but inaccurate readers had prevented its effective use. They contacted West London Security to solve the problem.


St Mary’s tasked West London Security with installing a new, networked access control system and expanding its cover to approximately 25 fingerprint readers, to be positioned at the main entrance and various doors around the building. They wanted to enable staff to access the building and individual rooms such as classrooms, offices and staff rooms, simply by placing their finger on the reader.

The academy also required the ability to monitor access of their facilities via integrated computer software, as well as the freedom to expand the use of the system in the future. They hoped at some point to go from simply controlling access rights and monitoring times and attendance, to controlling and recording the use of office equipment such as filing cabinets, photocopiers, access to the library and even cashless payments in the canteen.

Our solution

West London Security were able to utilise the existing ‘backbone’ of the original system, installing their own custom-built system with updated fingerprint readers for greater accuracy. Along with the fingerprint readers, the new system also incorporated card readers which will soon facilitate cashless payments in the academy’s canteen.

The work at St. Mary Magdalene Academy was done during the summer holiday to avoid any disruption to teaching. Utilising the original cabling also meant less damage to the fabric of the building and a quicker installation. 


The project was carried out over a period of just two weeks and St. Mary’s were delighted with West London Security’s installation, which does everything they need and more.

Ian Ship, Director of Finance & Administration at St Mary’s, is confident that the new system will allow the academy to further boost their reputation as one of the capital’s leading centres of education and ensure the safety of their staff and pupils for many years to come.

The scope that West London Security have allowed for further expansion was a key factor in securing the project and we’re looking forward to being able to work with the academy again in the near future.