St Ann's University, Oxford

Project: St Ann's University, Oxford

This project was located in a very sensitive planning area, so this very modern building had to blend in with the surrounding historic buildings. The solar was carefully designed not to be visible from any public right of way and meant the panels were mounted at their minimum angle of 15 degrees.

The student accommodation was our first experience working with Briggs and Forester and we built a very good relationship with them early in the project. This project had a long pipe run and required a diverter valve to over come potential cooling of the preheat cylinders. We started designing our own control systems from this project to over come the short falls of the standard solar controllers on the market.


Requested a solar system that was reliable and took account of the exposed flat roof top location. Historic nature of Oxford required careful consideration for planning regarding profile and sight lines. Heart of Oxford ¼ mile from the collage.

Complications to overcome

Long pipe run required a 3 port diverter value to preheat the solar lines on start up to avoid removing heat from cylinder . Working very closely with architect and planners Final product The council were extremely happy with the results and the building was later short listed in the 2006 RIBA awards. Bespoke frame mounted at the minimum collectors angle without reducing their self cleaning properties and life span. Smart example of Genersys panels installed on a bespoke frame.