A clever design piece from Jardine Couture has made use of MEDITE SMARTPLY OSB for an easily transportable exhibition kit that tells the story of an innovative Northumberland arts project, The Mansio.

In similar style to the arts project it exhibits, the exhibition kit is designed to be transportable and is set to visit different locations to help share the story of The Mansio project with a wider audience.

The Mansio arts project was a mobile space, which visited various different sites located along Hadrian’s Wall. The innovative structure allowed audiences to watch and listen to the work of eight authors and poets who had taken up residency in locations that the touring exhibition stopped at.

Each writer was invited to create work based around Hadrian’s Wall and its wider historical and cultural significance. Bringing the work of these writers to new audiences, the Mansio displayed thought-provoking pieces and new perspectives on the signifi cance of borders, walls of division, space and the history of Roman Britain’s most infamous fortification.

To help commemorate and memorialise the Mansio project, Northumberland-based design company Jardin Couture were tasked to design a bespoke kit-or-parts pop-up exhibition system which allowed for both easy assembly on site and that could compact down for easy transportation between sites while protecting its valuable artwork inside.

Founder of Jardine Couture, Ben Couture, chose SMARTPLY OSB for his exhibition design piece, which is now helping to share the story of the MansioProject with new audiences at Segedunum Fort, South Tyneside’s The Word, and The Barlett at UCL from May onwards.

“We decided to go with MEDITE SMARTPLY OSB as we wanted to give the kits some honesty and authenticity about its transportable nature,”comments Ben. “OSB is often used as a material for packagingboxes and shipping crates, so we liked the idea of the SMARTPLY OSB2 helping us to be open about it being an exhibition that can be packaged up and transported easily; in keeping with the Mansio’s mobile storytelling roots.

“The fact SMARTPLY OSB is prefinished also means there was no treatment needed and it has fantastic durable qualities so can withstand any scratches orbumps during transportation. It was clearly the best quality material we could have found for the project and it was a delight to work with.”