Skyscanner Offices, Quartermile, Edinburgh, Scotland

Project: Skyscanner Offices, Quartermile, Edinburgh, Scotland

Founded in 2001, Edinburgh-based Skyscanner has grown to become Europe’s leading flight search engine and employs more than 140 people. The company’s rapid growth resulted in the need for a new office building, which was finally found in Quartermile in the centre of Edinburgh. The new office space can accommodate 300 employees and covers a total area of 8,500 square metres spread over two storeys in a building designed by Foster + Partners.

The office concept comprises expansive and clearly defined structures in which colours and shapes predominate. Expressive shades of colour incorporating designs on the theme of flying are intended to encourage a creative exchange of ideas between the employees. Consequently, alongside the workplaces, there are also seating areas with aircraft seats, beverage bars and conference rooms named after countries.

Three focal aspects defined the selection of the floor covering. Expressive colours should underline the interior design concept, while the existing raised-access floor, under which over 5,000 metres of wiring are laid, had to remain accessible. Additionally, good spatial acoustics had to be assured, particularly in an office to be occupied by 300 employees. Originally it had been intended to install carpeting for acoustic reasons, but after lengthy consultation the commissioned architects’ agency, Bright 3D, decided in favour of a rubber floor covering from nora

Eventually, a removable floor covering - the norament 975 LL serra design with a relief structure - was chosen in five colours. Two of these are from the standard range, while the other three colours were specially created. Here the architects were inspired by the strong colours used for the norament crossline product family and the choice fell on pink, green and violet. These colours were then prepared as special compositions for the norament 975 LL covering. In total, over 2,700 square metres of flooring covering were installed. 

The staff moved into their new office in September 2012 and are absolutely thrilled about the open-plan and relaxing work environment. Any initial reservations about the room acoustics have proved to be totally unfounded.