Sikafloor steers car park towards rapid return to full-use


Sika’s high-performance concrete repair and car park deck system provided the rapid-cure watertight solution to ensure the full refurbishment of a town centre car park ahead of the client’s strict eight-week deadline.

The commercial car park at Page House in Epsom, Surrey required refurbishment in accordance with the terms of a premises lease agreement, which was coming to an end.

Contractors Concrete Repairs Ltd, were instructed to complete concrete repairs on site. As well as hard-wearing and long-lasting, a fast-curing solution was also required as a separate team of contractors were carrying out works on site on behalf of a new tenant.

These requirements were met by Sikafloor®-RB28, which was used on the parking site’s single-raised deck and connecting ramps. A superb crack-bridging system for a range of car park deck applications, with slip and abrasion-resistant wearing layers; Sikafloor®-RB28 is also incredibly fast-curing – even at low temperature.

Ben Lawson, Senior Contracts Manager at Concrete Repairs, commented: “Sikafloor®-RB28 is very quick to install. Three or four layers can be applied in a day, leaving the surface trafficable within hours. It proved a great success.”

A total of 500m2 Sikafloor®-RB28 was applied to the car park’s existing asphalt surface. The first layer, Sikafloor®-10 Pronto, provided the surface’s four-part, low-viscosity, fast-curing primer. This was followed by Sikafloor®-32 Pronto, renowned for its superb crack-bridging properties, which was filled with 1:2 Sikafloor®-Pronto Filler and quartz sand.

Sikafloor®- 18 Pronto, which offers excellent mechanical and chemical resistance, provided the system’s fast-curing, solvent-free seal coat, giving the deck a superb skid and slip-free finish sufficient to meet HSE regulations. For the ramps, a double layer of Sikafloor®-32 Pronto, and Sikafloor®-18 Pronto was applied, as well as a priming layer of Sikafloor®-10 Pronto.

Thanks to the Sikafloor®-RB28’s simple and rapid application, Concrete Repairs Ltd enjoyed a “straightforward” car park refurbishment. Repair work started in July 2016 and was completed in just seven weeks to the client’s full satisfaction.

Staff and visitors to Page House can now enjoy full use of a car park which is safe, durable and watertight – and shall remain so for many years to come.