Sika puts the seal on Fife wind turbine

For its ultra-high compressive strength, SikaGrout3200 was specified for the construction of an 75metre-high wind turbine at Lower Melville Wood landfill site in Fife which it is estimated will create enough energy to power nearly 200 homes.
Developed specifically for use in the onshore wind farm generation, SikaGrout3200 was ideal for the project which is designed to generate 600MWh per year and reduce 290 tonnes of CO2 emissions. Among the product’s features are its excellent fatigue and dynamic resistance, high early strength build-up, pumpable fluid consistencies and resistance to freeze-thaw cycles.
SikaGrout3200 was specified for the project. A total of 600kg of product was applied on top of a cured concrete base, filling the void between the turbine’s steel flange and the concrete to provide a solid structural bedding and support the weight of the tower. Mixed onsite and pumped in a continuous application by concrete, screed and grout specialists UK SGP, SikaGrout3200 cures to form a strength similar to steel, leading to a perfect watertight seal. 
Scott Warren, technical director of the project’s main contractor, commented: “When selecting a grouting product we place priorities on quality, conformity, specification, characteristics, yield and cost. Sika are a company renowned for its concrete product solutions, so naturally we knew it was perfect for our needs.
“The SikaGrout3200 meets all of our requirements for onshore wind grouting and we continue to use the product on other projects we have, given it is priced very competitively. “We are very satisfied with the product – it is a consistently superb performer.”
As versatile as it is reliably strong, SikaGrout3200 has CE certification, achieving high final compressive strengths of up to 90N/mm2. It can be used on steel or pre-cast concrete windtowers for the precision grouting of vertical and horizontal joints.