Shropshire Academy, Middlesex

Project: Shropshire Academy, Middlesex

J B S (Tiling Contractors) Ltd. were subcontracted by the Kier Group to complete wall and floor tiling installations in a Shropshire academy’s state-of-the-art new building.

J B S (Tiling Contractors) Ltd. completed subfloor prep with Ultra Floor patch repair, leveller and primer, and installed tiles using Ultra Tile primer, adhesive and grout in the academy.

After subfloor prep, the fixing of a variety of tile types including porcelain, mosaics and anti-slip, was completed - ideal for the building’s pool areas and changing facilities

Around the pool in the leisure complex, Ultra Floor Patch IT rapid45® was used to repair and form levels on top of the plinths used for diving boards. This fast setting, rapid drying mortar is high strength providing a finish that’s solid as a rock. A dual purpose product that’s suitable for both internal and external patch repairs, Patch IT rapid45® is an ideal material for filling holes, depressions and cracks in cementitious sub-floors and concrete stairs, as well as ramps and coves.

Subfloors were then primed with Ultra Floor Prime IT AR and levelled with Level IT one HDB. Using an Ultra Floor primer, prior to a levelling compound prepares the surface, enhancing adhesion and sealing it. A self-levelling base compound, Level IT one HDB is designed to smooth undulations in cementitious floor substrates and to build depths of up to 50mm. The final preparation step was to treat the laid levelling compound with Ultra Tile Prime IT FP; an acrylic surface conditioner for improved adhesive bond.

J B S (Tiling Contractors) Ltd. selected wall and floor cementitious tile adhesive, ProRapid RS in grey to fix all tiles. The adhesive’s performance is rapid setting for faster completion and it can be used with low-absorbency tiles such as porcelains, as it was on this project. The product’s open time is 40 minutes and it will be set after just 2 hours of drying time. Ultra Tile ProRapid RS can be used for bed thickness from 3-12mm and also with underfloor heating due to its flexible make up.

To finish the tile installations, Ultra Tile FlexJoint grout was used. A product suitable for joint widths from 1mm to 20mm, FlexJoint is simple to use and available in a choice of colours. It is specially formulated to provide a hygienic finish that is mould resistant and water repellent making it perfect for use in areas such as changing rooms and pool surrounds.

Modern construction projects commonly have short timescales, and this contract was no exception, a total of 900m² were tiled in a 6 week window. “Successful completion was aided by the fast-track performance of the Ultra Floor and Ultra Tile materials used” stated Craig Devall, J B S (Tiling Contractors) Ltd.