Sandown High School, Isle of Wight

Project: Sandown High School, Isle of Wight

Sandown High School needed an outside covered dining area for the pupils at their school. Local architecture consultants, Hollis Design LLP, created a suitable design and colour scheme which was in keeping with the site. 

Having completed a full site survey, Able Canopies produced a quotation for a solution that matched the design criteria, which was within budget and of sufficient size to meet the clients’ needs. On being awarded the contract Able Canopies were faced with a number of challenges including;

  • Logistics – Transportation of the components from the mainland.
  • Time frame – Installing the canopies during a 14 day period, thereby ensuring completion prior to the new school term.
  • Varying ground heights –Height differences of up to a metre meant that support posts of varying lengths were required, making exact fabrication and on site “levelling” critical.

Hollis Design LLP produced a number of designs but eventually chose to link two canopy systems utilising a box gutter rainwater system which would provide optimum weatherproof coverage for an outdoor dining area.

The two systems chosen were a Coniston Wall Mounted canopy, constructed from aluminium and uPVC with a 40mm multi-wall polycarbonate roof which was coupled with a series of three Ullswater Free-Standing Pyramid canopies, constructed from powder coated, galvanised steel complete with 35mm polycarbonate roofing.

Able Canopies were given a 14 day “window” during the school’s summer break to complete an installation of over 210 square metres of cover. With only three weeks to get the order manufactured, powder coated and delivered to site. During which time all relevant health & safety issues needed to be considered, the time frame was tight, to say the least.

As previously stated, the challenges faced with the canopies included the uneven ground work, which meant the posts had to be of varying lengths (shown in figure 1). It was essential to get these lengths correct as it would have been logistically impossible to replace any that were wrongly fabricated. This phase of the operation went exactly to plan which helped to ensure that the installation went smoothly.
Able Canopies Ltd enlisted the services of a local company, White Windows Ltd, to help install the double hip pyramid roofs.
Able Canopies Ltd was delighted to work with an on-island company, thereby assisting the local economy and helping to promote sustainability.

In order to get the contract completed on time, Able Canopies team of fitters worked for 14 days straight, 12 hours a day and in appalling weather conditions. On one particular day, the rain fell harder than it had all year, causing flooding in some areas.

It was all worth it in the end, the canopies were installed in the specified time and Able Canopies received a glowing report from the school’s site manager, Kate O’Neill.