Sadolin technical helps put colour in focus for Lyme Bay Cabins

Sadolin’s technical support is proving essential to a Devon-based business providing garden cabins in the South West.

Gary Davies launched Lyme Bay Cabins almost three years ago and in that time has specified the use of Sadolin Superdec to all his clients.

The superiority of the self-priming product, along with support from the Sadolin technical team via telephone and online product videos, makes Sadolin Superdec ‘the only choice’ according to Mr Davies.

The complete package of wood protection, colour, technical advice and online product videos assures his customers that they are getting a superior product with expert support.

Mr Davies said: “I bought a cabin for my own garden seven years ago and found it impossible to source the level of quality and service I wanted.

“When I decided to launch my own business selling garden cabins, I immediately started a massive research programme into the best cabins available and also the best products to use on the buildings.

“Sadolin Superdec offers up to eight years’ protection for exterior timber and the colour palette is fantastic. You can feel the quality of the product as soon as you start to apply it.”

Mr Davies sells and installs garden buildings across the South West and beyond, often incorporating coating the exterior of the cabin as part of the process.

He added: “For me the assistance from the Sadolin technical team has been absolutely essential – not only in terms of assisting me in my own use of the product, but also as an additional resource for my customers.

“Some of my clients want to install a garden building by themselves - to make it their own. I recommend Sadolin Superdec to all of them.

“I feel the protection offered by the product is vital, but just as importantly, the choice of colour is exceptional. Whether clients want their garden building to blend into its surroundings or make a statement, there will be the perfect shade for them in the Sadolin Superdec range.

“Having technical expertise at the end of the phone is an extremely valuable additional bonus and the videos are fantastic.

“I frequently show my customers one of the online videos where a rubber glove is dipped in the product and then manipulated to demonstrate its flexibility and durability.

“To me that just shows Sadolin Superdec is the best product available and that is why I use it on all my cabins and recommend it to all my customers.”

Sadolin Superdec offers a highly durable opaque finish which erodes naturally by weathering, ensuring the coating remains flexible and resists cracking, peeling and flaking.

More details about Sadolin can be found in the series of videos in the established ‘This Is Sadolin’ series, available to view on the Sadolin website at or on the Sadolin Woodcare YouTube channel at

For more information on the full range of Sadolin products, please contact the Specification Support Team on 0845 034 1464, email or visit the website at

A new website for specifiers, has also been developed to make the selection of products and services more effective and easier than ever – pulling together a raft of online tools and detailed information in a clear and concise format, to underpin a more selective, sustainable and speedier specification process.

The website also links to Crown Paints’ popular PaintSpec Finder®, which delivers instant and technically-detailed specification plans for exterior and interior projects, through a user-friendly format.

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