Sacred Heart Catholic School, Battersea, London

Project: Sacred Heart Catholic School, Battersea, London

Sacred Heart Catholic School in Battersea wanted to improve facilities and offer their pupils a greater variety when it came to sports, as the concrete courts installed were limited to netball. Speaking with Playrite and ETC Sports Surfaces the school selected Playrite’s Matchplay 2 in sporting green and red to be installed, with lines inlaid for different sports such as netball, hockey, football and tennis. Matchplay 2 is an excellent multi sport surface and offers a more natural feel compared to other artificial products. Being sand dress, after installation the performance characteristics are evident from day one and play can continue almost immediately. Matchplay 2 is an ideal choice for multi use games areas and can offer high performance and durability with high level porosity, low maintenance and all weather usage are an added value - which in return maximises playing time and increases potential revenue.

The project to create a new multi use games area saw over 1,000m² of Playrite’s Matchplay 2 installed, but Mark Costin, Head of Physical Education also wanted something a bit different and decided to have the schools logo incorporated into the sports pitch. Mr Costin explains:

“I’d seen another sports pitch at a school with a logo included in the overall design and thought it gave a real identity to the pitch and that it’d be great to have something similar at Sacred Heart. It really gives an iconic look and makes the sports pitch unique.

Everyone at Sacred Heart School is really pleased with the work by Playrite and ETC Sports Surfaces. The new multi use games area offers excellent playing performance and has enhanced the image of sport across the school. We are now able to offer a more professional playing surface to our pupils. What’s more we are now able to rent the area out on evenings and weekends to make extra money for the school which has been very lucrative.”