Roof walkway matting, Epsom Hospital

Project: Epsom Hospital

The Problem

Epsom Hospital, part of the Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust, needed to source a matting which would allow maintenance personnel to access the roof safely.

The Solution

To solve the problem, Burren & Whitaker Construction Ltd specified and installed Crossgrip matting over the flat rooftops as it is easy to lay and provides a safe and slip resistant surface.

The matting is raised 14mm by its open grid construction which provides an efficient and drier path over wet areas and ponding. It is maintenance free and will resist the harshest of conditions, including winds of up to 150km/h. An important benefit is its PVC composition which will resist bacterial growth and is impervious to temperature extremes, including frost, ice and snow. This makes it ideal for use on the most exposed areas and in the most extreme environments. In addition it protects the roof covering below from potential damage by pedestrian traffic.

The Client

Stewart Harris of Burren & Whitaker Construction comments, “This was an extensive project involving the refurbishment of several roofs around the site. In certain areas, in order to protect the roof membrane and maximise the safety of staff, we decided to use Crossgrip matting because of its long and proven history of high slip resistance and long life cycle performance. This made it the obvious and ideal choice.“

The Product

Crossgrip is made from flexible 100% PVC. The deeply etched open grid surface is self-draining, resistant to UV and bacterial growth and is maintenance free. Due to its flexible construction, the matting will contour over uneven surfaces and imperfections and provide a permanent and safe walkway for service staff.