Ronafix Pre-packed Wearing Screed at Felixstowe Ornamental Gardens

The paths and steps in the Ornamental Gardens in Felixstowe had become worn and cracked. Ronafix Pre-Packed Wearing Screed 25mm+ was used to provide a durable frost resistant topping.

The project

Over £3 million of lottery money has been allocated to a refurbishment project at the

Felixstowe Seafront Gardens, which date back to Victorian times. The project includes a Heritage Trail, new planting to enhance bio-diversity, repair of stonework, walls and piers, restoration of ponds and fountains to their original state, refurbishment of the shelters in the garden, new seating and improved signage and lighting.

The project also included repair and improvement to the footpath surfaces, edgings and drainage throughout the Gardens.

Breheny the main contractor on the refurbishment project asked SIG Construction

Accessories if they could supply a suitable product for the path and step repair. SIG approached the Ronacrete Technical team and a site meeting was arranged to assess the situation so that the best product could be selected for the requirements.

Product and application

Ronafix Pre-packed Wearing Screed 25mm+ was recommended because of its durability, high strength and low permeability, making the mortar resistant to frost attack.

First the surface was shot blasted, exposing aggregate within the mix to provide a mechanical key. The surface was cleaned and loose materials were removed by vacuum cleaning. The surface was damped before application of Ronacrete Standard Primer. Ronafix Pre-packed Wearing Screed 25mm+ was then applied to the tacky primer to give a hard wearing surface to the paths and steps.

Ronafix Pre-packed Wearing Screed 25mm+ reaches a compressive strength greater than 45N/mm² after 28 days; it can be trafficked as early as 24 hours after laying and is frost and water resistant.


Ronafix Pre-packed Wearing Screed 25mm+ has played a significant part in restoring the well trodden pathways and steps at the Seafront Gardens. They are now free of trip hazards and strong enough to last many years; allowing future generations to enjoy the splendour of the historic gardens as they follow the paths of their Victorian ancestors.