Roald Dahl and Story Centre, Buckinghamshire

Project: Roald Dahl and Story Centre, Buckinghamshire

Forbo Flooring’s Aquajet technology has been utilised for a custom floor design at the centre of a new gallery at the Roald Dahl and Story Centre in Buckinghamshire.

Marmoleum, containing 97% natural raw materials, was specified for Roald Dahl’s ‘Writing Hut’ – the author’s place of inspiration – and an assortment of words were cut into the floor covering using the firm's Aquajet technology.

Marmoleum’s Topshield, a water-based finish designed to protect the flooring system, was also selected. The museum floor space, being a public area, is subjected to a high intensity of foot traffic; therefore the flooring system needed to be easily cleaned.

Catherine Halcrow, director at Outside Studios, designers on the project, commented: “The intricate floor feature was to form a central part of the new gallery, providing a fun, vibrant and interactive area for visitors to learn more about the much-loved and world-famous writer. 

"It was therefore essential to choose a floor covering that was durable, yet flexible enough to accommodate the complex cutting process for the medley of Roald Dahl’s most famous words, which would form the garden path and paving slabs up to the front of the hut and around the perimeter.”