Ridgistorm-XL Used in Road Improvement Project

The A5 Highway infrastructure improvements near Hinkley, Leicestershire, had originally specified a concrete system to provide surface water drainage for the busy highway, as part of wider improvement works.

Having successfully used plastic piping systems for previuous large scale projects, main contractor Galliford Try tasked Polypipe with providing an appropriate alternative solution that would meet the demands of the project, but would also prove quicker, safer and easier for contracting teams to install beside the busy highway.

Utilising the popular Ridgistorm-XL piping system, Polypipe's design team engineered a solution to match the original 750mm diameter pipe specified to incorporate a single pipe run to sit beneath the roads verge, complimented by two seperate twin runs, with a combined length of more than 400m.

Polypipe provided structural calculations and assisted consultant engineer Milestone by engineering a reduction in the original specification. This was accepted for use, allowing works to commence as scheduled.

WIth Ridgistorm-XL being upto 94% lighter in weight than alternative concrete products, it is easier to handle and reduces the need for heavy plant machinery, allowing benefits to the project including reduced time and costs of the installation.

The installation time was reduced further still by Polypipe supplying Ridgistorm-XL in 6 meter lengths with ring seal joints.

This limited the number of joints required and ensuring that each jointing process was as quick as possible - a vital consideration within a live highways environment.

The pipes were engineered to the exact strength required to meet the ground conditions and installation parameter, in this case stiffness classes 2.67kN/m², 3.056kN/m² and 6kN/m², allowing pipe to withstand external loading during the installation process.

The project also included a holistic range of highways solutions from Polypipe, including three Stormcheck flow control chambers, the popular Ridgidrain surface water drainage system in sizes 100mm – 600mm, Ridgistorm-XL saddles for the connection of Ridgidrain to the Ridgistorm-XL pipe system, type 8 Linflex land drainage 100mm-160mm and Ridgiduct cable protection for street lighting.