Ribston High School, Stroud. Gloucester

Project: Ribston High School, Stroud. Gloucester

Heating a swimming pool can be a very costly affair and the increase in humidity can cause long-term damage to buildings. Ribston Hall High School in Stroud, Gloucester, is set to start saving their building and £12,800 a year with the help of Aquamat

Leading UK providers of pool covers, Aquamat, has manufactured, designed and installed a new high-density foam cover that is quick and easy to use, improves the pool hall environment and provides a more pleasant atmosphere for the users.

Ribston High School was finding a structural deterioration to their building, caused by high humidity and condensation from the swimming pool. The humidity was uncomfortable for teachers and swimmers alike and the aesthetics of the hall were seriously compromised. Aquamat’s heat retention pool cover will reduce the process of deterioration, improve the surroundings and produce a highly efficient method of saving energy and money.

Ribston’s pool is not only used by its school residents but by that of GB Leisure coach and ex Olympic Pentathlete, Graham Brookhouse, who specified Aquamat due to their expertise and helpful advice. He uses the 22.8 metre by 7.3 metre pool for the Swimwell Teaching Services, offering swimming lessons for young and old alike.

Graham Brookhouse commented, “I’m delighted with the results from local supplier Aquamat. Initial energy savings appear to be in the 60% region, meaning the cover will save energy costs of up to £12,800 per year.”

Aquamat’s 6mm high-density closed polyethylene foam cover is excellent at cutting carbon foot print and saving energy costs for larger pools. Aquamat’s 2.7 metre high-level opal reel is mounted to the pool surround and wall at Ribston to save space and to keep all safety exits clear. Fitted with a 24v DC ‘in-tube’ motor for safety, the reel will keep running costs to a minimum and provide a simple yet efficient means for operators to quickly cover the pool.

Aquamat is proud of its bespoke service, overcoming many building design issues and providing service after installation to all of its customers.

Further information on the range of pool covers and reel systems from Aquamat is available by calling Andy Giles on 01453 884411 or by emailing andy@aquamatcovers.co.uk or by visiting the company’s website at www.aquamat4seasons.co.uk.