Restoration project for London landmark


  • Working on one of the most iconic London landmark restoration projects to take place during recent years.
  • The production of frameglaze and revolving doors to tie in with the planned facade redevelopment within the residential tower.
  • The requirement was a dramatic, tall doors to attract light into the lobby and create an impressive entrance.
  • There was a need for automation and accessible access.
  • Open Entrances was selected for its ability to reflect the overall aesthetic concept for the building, as well as its flexible and environmental approach.

XXL Doors

The revolving door and the frameglaze doors were 3.72 m high . The revolving door also includes pass doors on each side for accessibility. Each door needed to adhere to the clean, sleek look of the architecture.

This height is still unusual for these type of doors so specialist expertise was needed in their construction. Since they were also automatic, it was important to ensure the technical aspects, including inground sensors, were operating correctly and effectively and the door was fit for purpose in such a high pedestrian area. As ADSA Qualified contractors we were able to do this.

The thermal properties of glass allow for a natural build up of light and warmth within the lobby. The acoustic properties of the glass used also benefit the lobby by minimising traffic noise from outside, creating a calming ambiance within the building itself.

Flexible Solutions

There is a legal obligation to include barriers for doors but commonly used barriers were felt to hinder the overall appeal of the building.

Using our legislatory knowledge and our ability to find a flexible solution, we used planters as the barriers to meet the regulatory requirement but also be aesthetically pleasing.


The final impact was stunning, offering style and elegance from first glance whilst enhancing the atmosphere of the lobby from inside and outside the building.