Residential, Richmond Park

Project: Residential, Richmond Park

GM Developments, a prestigious building company in South West London, asked Dröm UK to create
a beautiful, relaxing leisure suite adjacent to the ground floor pool, gym and treatment room in a
residential property near Richmond Park.
The interior of the sauna is clad in vertical Aspen panels. Colour changing fibre optic mood lighting
(chromatherapy) is installed to the rear of the upper Aspen bench and along the bottom of the
stylish ergonomic lounger. A discreet vent has been incorporated into the unusually shaped
barrelled ceiling and a Tylo Sense combi heater is used to allow the bather to choose between a
traditional dry, or a soft steam sauna.
The deep blue steam room has an L-shaped bench clad in Antonella mosaics from Bisazza and the
walls are tiled in Liberty Denim by Trend. Again, fibre optic lights are installed to the back and along
the bottom of the benches, sending triangular beams of coloured light up the walls and across the
floor towards the steam outlet.
Both rooms are finished with a frameless glass frontage ensuring the whole spa area benefits from
the chromatherapy lighting, and are controlled by state of the art touchscreen control panels.