Residential, Ealing, Middlesex

Project: Residential, Ealing, Middlesex

This private home in Ealing, Middlesex combines different Olsen products to create a dramatic glass wall around the living area and kitchen, providing large panoramic views.

Olsen Doors and Windows were chosen on this project due to our products having extremely low u-values, unique and bespoke design possibilities and also for the use of sustainable resources in the manufacture of our products.

 The 3 meter high wall enveloping the living area is created with glass to glass seals encompassed in an all aluminium frame and includes 2 panels which slide apart for summer access to the garden.

 Finished to the same RAL colour to the all aluminium frame work, the other doors and windows used belong to our all timber Elite 92 system. This system has allowed for a floor to ceiling arrangement to be used spanning the whole 5.2 meters of the staircase with sandblasted glass in 4 panels for effect.

  With the superb flexibility of the Elite 92 range, a 5 panel full height window has been incorporated into the master bedroom with 2 panels able to securely and safely tilt inwards for additional ventilation in hotter months.