Residential, Copenhagen

Project: Residential, Copenhagen

The villa in Copenhagen has been built using finished, prefabricated, tailor-made products, which are both functional and low energy. Although this beautiful property has used alternative materials, when viewed from the road it is discreet and unobtrusive.

Unique contrasts of slate, oak and glass

The slate is put in a ‘dynamical’ intricated bond on the surfaces of the house in combination with oak slate in areas where the residents interact through accessibility of the building.

The villa is clad in slate and oak, only broken by swathes of glass, which appear to carry the heavy burden of the first floor with a sense of tension and fragility. The contrast of materials and narrow window profiles enable the property to exude elegance and lightness.

The Flow of the house is demanding on the windows

The Architect specified that the window sections should enable the house to ‘flow’, supporting the feeling that the property ‘unfolds’ around corners, especially where glass meets glass, PRO TEC were able to realise this vision, whilst also matching the colour of the frames to the slate which contrasted beautifully with the Oak. With PRO TEC ‘s extensive range of window and door solutions, the Architect was spoilt for choice to find the perfect combination.

Living with Nature

The property provides a true feeling of ‘bringing the outside in’ as it has been landscaped right up to the edge of the building. The large glass facades allow the enjoyment of the outside from the warmth and comfort of the inside. Grass is planted at the top of the villa’s ground floor. This cohesion provides a unique closeness with nature throughout the day and night.

Slate, Oak and Glass – a beautiful combination

The various colours and irregular sizes of the natural slate gives the villa in Copenhagen a powerful character. This combined with the Oak cladding and decking make it a truly delightful property; even the external window cills are made from the same colour slate. The large windows compliment the house perfectly, and with the glass meeting glass corners, allows the light to flood in, whilst all the time maintaining a focus on energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.

Super Slim profiles and elements

The Villa is 181m2 and uses the super slim profiles in the Pro tec 7® multi range. The project uses custom designed facades of 5368X260mm and both top-down and sidehung windows step glazing (glass meets glass in the corners) patio doors, fixed screens and doors.

The overall average U-value of the project is less than 0.90, therefore, making it energy efficient and environmentally friendly.