Renovation Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin

Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin, a 5-star luxury hotel on the Noordwijk coast, has belonged to the Noorlander family for more than 30 years. This is one of the most luxurious hotels along the Dutch coast. Guests are assured of a carefree stay and experience pure luxury. A comfortable main entrance should not be missing in this hotel.

The previous situation, with a standard solution, did not comply the needs and specifications of this type of building and location. This resulted in various problems. Extreme weather conditions, storm and salty moist air asked for a bespoke design.

Bauporte Design Entrances BV designed, manufactured, installed and performs maintenance to the Royal Prestige RP 4800 AY revolving door.

The management of the hotel wanted a corrosively free and sustainable main entrance with a comfortable climate. They chose Bauporte Design Entrances BV as supplier because Bauporte’s door meets these specifications.

With a standard full Stainless Steel base construction, door wings equipped with heavy double brushes, a special curved heater in the canopy and the latest safety rules, Bauporte has managed to both improve the climate and the appearance of the main entrance including the lobby.

In case of emergency the doors is the escape exit. Therefore especially made escape way has been made for this project. The revolving door wings automatic swing open in case of a calamity.

All features together make it a majestic entrance for a 5-star hotel.

Client: Duinholdings BV
Architect: Korbee van der Kroft Architects
Contractor: Bouwmaatschappij Noorlander BV