Refurbished House, West London

Project: Refurbished House, West London

Cytech's COMFORT security system interacting with a new KNX whole house smart home system from Woking-based CONTROL FREAX is demonstrated in a refurbished house in West London. A major role is played by Cytech's KNX UCM interface which allows the state of alarm sensors to be visualised on KNX touchscreens.

"The alarm system has to be stand-alone, but by using the Cytech KNX UCM we can bring the alarm into our installation and holistic design which then gives the home-owner a much higher level of control and convenience" says CONTROL FREAX MD Carlton Reed.

The refurbished house in a smart London area is on four floors including a basement planned as a leisure room or practical gym. It has four bedrooms and three bathrooms with a ground floor living and kitchen area.
Carlton Reed adds "We can take feedback from the alarm sensor, for example a window contact so that we can then tell the home-owner which windows have been left open when they left the house." The Comfort alarm can be contacted simply by touching one button by the front door. The householder can not only switch off every light, turn the heating down to standby but also set the alarm.

In the hall the newly-introduced Comfort KPO6 designer flush-mounted keypad can be mounted together with other KNX switches in the same multigang frame