Raiffeisen Bank, Gossau, Switzerland

Project: Raiffeisen Bank, Gossau, Switzerland

The Problem

The Raiffeisen Bank in Gossau, Switzerland, is part of a retail complex where the shops are separated from the car park by a river. The bank needed a solution for providing safe passage for pedestrians over the footbridge which links the car park with the bank’s entrance. Originally, a safety problem occurred when the steel bridge got cold very quickly which in turn made the walkway surface icy and slippery.

The Solution

To solve this problem, flooring specialist Wibatec advised the bank to install Frontrunner XT. Frontrunner XT is the matting designed for permanent exterior use in extreme temperatures and any weather condition. The matting features a deeply etched diamond cut surface providing increased traction and safety underfoot especially in wet, icy and snowy conditions. Furthermore, its close grid construction makes it heel and wheel-proof and it is flexible enough to contour over the curve of the bridge.

The Client

Ivan Wigger, Manager at distributor Wibatec, comments, “This was an interesting application which presented a unique set of difficulties. We had to find a matting which was loose laid, flexible enough to follow the curve of the bridge yet sturdy enough to remain in place even when the steel was completely iced over. We knew Frontrunner XT would provide the perfect answer!”

The Product

Frontrunner XT forms part of the Frontrunner Entrance Flooring System which comprises several mats suitable for different interior and exterior installations. All the mats in this range are supplied as rolls which can be trimmed easily on site to fit any shape. Other options include Frontrunner Brush and Frontrunner Brush Wide with nylon brush inserts to combat severe soiling, 100% vinyl Frontrunner Entry to prevent dirt from entering buildings and Frontrunner Plus with absorbent inserts within the grid to scrape, clean and dry shoes.