Putting on the Ritz With demista™

The newly refurbished, world renowned Ritz Hotel in Paris, opening in 2016 will include 400 demista™ heated mirror pads in the luxurious bathrooms.  Visitors to the beautiful city of Paris will be able to view themselves in the mirrors of these bathrooms, without unsightly steam spoiling the image. 

No matter what size or shape, there is something from the demista™ range to fit, where large areas need to be covered, the pads can be used in multiples and, if required, bespoke sizes can be ordered.  Now found in leading luxury hotels around the world, these pads are easy to install, are energy efficient and ensure that mirrors remain clear in the steamiest of bathrooms. 

Whether just a small mirror for a home bathroom, or for major developments such as apartment blocks, recreational facilities, hotel new build and refurbishment projects, demista™ is an affordable luxury.  The product meets all international standards for safety.