Twickenham Stadium

Providing the power & data backbone to support SES infrastructure works at Twickenham Stadium

Providing technical services and building maintenance to the largest Rugby Football stadium in the World, is no mean feat. With the Stadium to host the highest profile games of the Rugby World Cup in 2015, it was Shepherd Engineering Services (SES) that was chosen for its vast experience, standards and technical capabilities in this field.

For a 26 month project of such complexity, one of the primary objectives for SES was to lay down a temporary operating base to accommodate the numerous office and site employees who would drive the project through to completion. Providing data and power services for so many permanent and transient users soon became a concern, with traditional methods proving an extremely costly and inflexible option.

Opting for the flexibility of Mainline Powers track system and a combination of fixed and flexible Powerline sockets from Mainline and Power Ethernet, SES created a scalable community of site buildings which could easily manage additional network and power supply requirements at speed.

The labour, downtime, CAT5/6 networking infrastructure and electrical cabling costs were eliminated with two simple solutions. Any ongoing costs to support growing office user numbers were also eliminated as Mainline offers a completely future proof infrastructure.

“The flexibility allowed us to adapt to changing requirements to meet the needs of the staff on site and has proved to be quick and simple to expand with minimum downtime. The cost and time savings have been considerable compared to using a separate structured cable solution.”

Project Manager SES –Twickenham Project