Property development, Carlisle

Project: Property development, Carlisle

Swish Window and Door Systems triple glazed system has been specified on a new social and affordable housing project in the North West of England.

New bead options mean Swish is able to offer a window system which can accommodate a 44mm triple-glazed unit, capable of achieving U-values as low as 0.8 W/m2K, supporting specifiers in achieving Code Level 6 and beyond.

Appointed by Riverside Housing Association, lead contractor Story Construction, selected Swish fabricator, World Group to supply 240 triple-glazed high performance windows to a 30 property development in Carlisle.

Delivered to a Code Level 4 standard the development of two and three bedroom properties, also included a Secured by Design specification.

Also supplying doors to the project, World Group managing director, Cliff Spooner, said that he expected to see growing demand from the commercial sector for high performance products.

He said: “We came on board with Swish 18-months ago because we saw value in the brand but also that we could deliver an exceptionally high level of thermal performance and achieve it affordably.


“We have recently completed a period of significant investment and believe that with it and particularly the investment we have made in our Secured-by-Design specification, we have a very attractive commercial offer that will allow us to support our customers effectively moving forward.”

Tested on an industry standard side hung fixed combination 1230mm by 1480mm window, the development of its triple-glazed option by Swish has included hardware trials and also full opening/closing cycle testing, to ensure performance.

Andrew Reid, commercial sales development director, Swish Window and Door Systems, said: “The new triple glazed option offered by Swish, allows developers to specify an exceptionally high performing and thermally efficient window and one that will deliver against criteria set out under Code level 6.

“What’s also significant is that the product that we have tested is the industry standard window for the calculation of U and WER values. That’s to say it’s not an ‘artificial’ specification that’s been manipulated to achieve a low U-value and ‘headline claims’.”

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