PRO TEC contributes to the largest Passive House project in the UK

Project: The Enterprise Centre

PRO TEC delivers Classic + components to the green construction of the new part of the University campus in Norwich – so far the largest Passive House project in the UK using natural materials such as straw.

The Enterprise Centre, which PRO TEC delivers Classic + customized solutions to over several stages, is a central part of the Norwich Research Park at the University of East Anglia (UEA). The building includes high-energy efficiency, using of natural materials in innovative ways and advanced approaches to low carbon use.

And PRO TEC contributes with several specialized solutions, including the light boxes on the roof and 3-layer glass to ensure that the building is optimal energy efficient.

High energy and low carbon use for green buildings

The Centre costs 8.5 million pounds, has an internal floor area of 3,400 m2 and will contain classrooms as well as and workrooms to local businesses. In addition, it includes an “incubator” for start-ups to encourage researchers and new graduates to start their own business. 

The pioneering and prestigious construction of The Enterprise Centre is also set to become the first commercial building with distinction as both Passive House and from the so-called BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method, ed.).

PRO TEC Classic + and natural materials

With its increased energy performance, the Centre will have a low carbon content as possible using natural materials that are being transported from a very short distance to the site.

Thus the high energy values for PRO TEC Classic + and other customized solutions from PRO TEC fit ideally to the green construction in Norwich, which heralds a model for the 21st century "almost-0" - carbon construction – using timber and glulam fitted with prefabricated straw and cladding panels. The sustainable and low carbon features include mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, triple glazing, solar cells and solar energy. 

The construction of The Enterprise Centre in Norwich has been initiated and it is expected to open in spring 2015.