Practicality Meets Comfort At Tudor Lodge Retirement Facility

Tudor Lodge, a development of 30, one and two bedroom, purpose-built retirement apartments based in Solihull, in the West Midlands, has upgraded the carpet in its communal areas with Total Care, from Heckmondwike.

The existing carpet at Tudor Lodge had been in situ since the facility was built in 2008. Tudor Lodge is managed by retirement specialist Millstream Management Services, with Lodge Manager Diane Bennett responsible for all ongoing service and maintenance of the development. Diane undertook a period of consultation with residents, starting in 2016, to gather opinion on a refresh of all communal areas at Tudor Lodge.

Diane remarked: “The time had come for an upgrade of internal decoration of the Lodge’s communal areas; the existing carpet had been installed when Tudor Lodge was built and although in good condition, wear and tear was becoming an issue from an aesthetic point of view. It made sense to address the carpeting alongside internal decoration and soft furnishing upgrades and we consulted with the residents regarding colour and supplier options.”

Together with Heckmondwike Area Manager, Sean Jones, Diane selected Total Care for the flooring upgrade at Tudor Lodge. Sean added: “When specifying a carpet for residential care premises, it is important that the product is hard-wearing, keeps service users safe and is comfortable and homely. A tall order for one carpet! Total Care is more than up to the job. It’s a heavy contract, tufted carpet that is available in eight attractive colours.”

After the period of consultation with residents had concluded, Tudor Lodge’s management team opted to upgrade all the carpet in communal areas and chose Heckmondwike Total Care in ‘Spice’ for the corridors (350m2) and Total Care in ‘Cajun’ for the lounge (100m2).

Diane added: “The warm shade complemented the redecoration and new soft furnishings perfectly and provided a homely, cosy feel to the well-used communal areas. But perhaps most importantly, the Total Care carpet from Heckmondwike is very hard-wearing. Our whole site is wheelchair accessible, so any new carpeting solution had to be very tough indeed.”

Total Care and Pure Care are Heckmondwike’s tufted carpet solutions; they are ideally suited to healthcare environments or sheltered housing, whether in communal areas, corridors or bedrooms and in entrance areas. Available in different pile weights, both types of carpet feature a fully impervious backing, are highly resistant to staining and bleach and are also extremely durable. They are also manufactured to meet all relevant flammability tests and offer antistatic properties.

Heckmondwike also offers a range of entrance products, which are suitable for care homes and sheltered housing. This includes Vanquisher, with its alternative rib and velour surface pattern. Vanquisher is ideal for protecting internal carpets from outside soiling and moisture. It also offers thermal and acoustic properties and low maintenance.

Also for entrance areas, Heckmondwike’s bespoke carpet design service allows care homes and other healthcare providers to feature their own logos and branding in a loose lay mat or inlaid into the floor in entrance areas. These mats are available in 20 different colour options, in bespoke sizes to suit specific applications and are DDA approved.