Porthill Bridge, Shrewsbury

Project: Porthill Bridge, Shrewsbury

Ultracrete Helps to Preserve Part of Shropshire’s History

Ultracrete’s Instagrip Anti-Skid Patch repair has been used to refurbish an historic bridge in Shrewsbury town

Porthill Bridge is a fine cable suspension footbridge in Shrewsbury, constructed in 1922 by the same builders who built the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It provides a crossing for pedestrians over the River Severn and connects Porthill with The Quarry and the town centre.

The historic bridge has recently undergone an extensive scheme of work to repair and refurbish it, to enable the bridge to remain open for the long term. This included carrying out repairs to the bridges’ structural steel work, grit blasting and repainting the whole bridge as well as replacing its timber deck.

The refurbishment work was carried out by Mc Phillips (Wellington) Ltd, who were supervised by Shropshire Council’s term contract consultant Mouchel. It is estimated the work cost approximately £575,000 to carry out.

Ultracrete’s Instagrip Anti-Skid Patch repair was specified to cover the 210m² of newly installed heavy duty timber decking. Instagrip is a two-part, solvent free, resinous repair system for anti-skid areas and for the reinstatement of anti-skid surfaces after maintenance work has taken place. It will adhere to timber, steel, concrete and bituminous material which makes it the ideal product to specify for bridge deck resurfacing. It is also suitable for the anti-skid patch repair of high friction surfaces typically placed on pedestrian crossings, junctions, roundabouts, subways, car parks and as an anti-skid surface on steel road plates and manhole cover frames.

Instagrip  conforms to the Specification for Highways Works, clause 924 and Chapter 6 High Friction Surfacing of the Specification for the Reinstatement of openings in Highways, for resin-based skid resistant surface treatments. It gives a striking finish whilst offering good skid and slip resistance when safety is also an important factor. It is available in grey, buff, red, green and black and in this instance was applied in buff after an initial coating of resin primer.

Sub contractor, Ray Podmore Contract Services Ltd, attended a live product demonstration of Instagrip at Ultracrete’s headquarters in Staffordshire before work began. The session included training on the correct application process to ensure a right first time installation of the product on Porthill Footbridge.

Ultracrete offers free of charge product training days across its entire product range as well as RIBA  Approved CPD’s.  Our bespoke outside skills areas and indoor training facility are specifically designed for the highways maintenance market and Ultracrete are also more than happy to arrange training off site at customers’ premises.

Porthill Footbridge reopened in July a week ahead of schedule and now boasts a stunning new timber deck, a befitting improvement to the beautiful surroundings in which it stands.