Pop Up Power Supplies® provide effective outdoor power source for Covent Garden

Covent Garden Technical Services Team required an outdoor power supply for temporary events and stalls.  Due to the seasonal and temporary nature of the events, they didn’t want permanent fixtures which would impact on the aesthetics of the environment, as it is considered a Grade 1 Listed Site.

Designers specified a total of six pop up power units in the Piazza at Covent Garden, London.  The outdoor power units (PUPS01) provide an effective and safe power supply to the Piazza area and offer a combination of 16A and 32A electric sockets in single and three-phase, with RCBO protection.

The pop up electric sockets are perfect for the Covent Garden site, as when they are not being used, they are simply lowered into the ground, with a removable turning handle, and the lids contain the same paving as the Piazza area meaning they are sensitive to the historic appearance of the glorious site.