Pop Up Power Supplies provides a safe source of outdoor power for Exeter University

Exeter University wanted to utilise the space outside the new Forum building for open days and events. Considered the heart of the Streatham Campus, the popular area would be filled with outdoor stalls which needed powering.

Pop Up Power Supplies were able to offer their range of PUPS01 retractable service units. These power supply units were ideal for the needs of the University, as the pop up power sockets provide a safe and stable source of electricity needed for the University stalls. The pop up units provide a 125A power supply in both single and three phase plug sockets, all with RCBO protection.

The units specified at Exeter University comprises a stainless steel and concrete structure, with a total weight of 450kg. The unit covers are made up of stainless steel AISI304 and offer significant protection to the power units when they are fully retracted.