Polypipe tops the class in new College development

Working closely with groundworker Stevens Construction from an early stage, Polypipe's water management solutions team created a geocellular soakaway structure underneath a car park of the college's new building.

Polypipe's Polystorm Access and Inspect products were used in conjuction with Polystorm-R modular cells to create a 96 meter cubed structure.

Both Polystorm Access and Polystorm Inspect feature tunnels specifically designed to allow access to be built into a Polystorm geocellular structure, for remote camera inspection and maintanence activities when required.

The soakaway tank is used to retain surface water collected from the new study centre and disperse it at an even rate into the surrounding soil.

Both products were used in conjuction with each other to provide horizontal and vertical access simultaneously. They also use the same shear connectors and clips and are designed to work as part of a complete system.

The light weight nature of Polypipe's plastic products meant that the site's lack of vehicle access did not prove an issue as the Polystorm cells could be moved onto site easily.