Plas Newydd, Anglesey

Project: Plas Newydd, Anglesey

A pioneering heat pump installation at the National Trust property Plas Newydd on Anglesey which uses the warmth from the Menai Strait to provide heating for the 18th century mansion, features more than 110m of REHAU’s high performance RAUTHERMEX pre-insulated pipework.

A marine source heat pump sited inside a boiler house in the grounds is extracting heat from sea water and raising it to 55ºC before it is distributed to the main house.  This is helping to achieve a consistent internal temperature which is sufficient to conserve both the fabric of the building and its valuable contents.

REHAU’s RAUTHERMEX 110mm pipework is providing both the flow and return link between the boiler house and the main house.  It was specified on the project because its exceptional thermal insulation ensures that any heat loss at this point in the circuit is minimised.

RAUTHERMEX is insulated with closed cell PU foam giving it a lambda value of just 0.0216W/mK.  The closed cell foam means there is no requirement on site to compensate for thermal expansion of the pipe and the robust LDPE outer jacket around the foam means the pipework can withstand even the most demanding on-site conditions.

It was specified on the project by Kimpton Energy Services who were main contractor and designer and worked closely with Rob Gwillim, the National Trust’s consultant." target="_blank">REHAU’s technical team provided advice on the design of the pipework layout and support to installers GHJ Civils.

The installation at Plas Newydd is the largest of its kind so far in the UK and featured extensively on BBC News across its broadcast and online platforms.  It is one of a number of pilot renewable energy projects being undertaken by the National Trust to assess their viability and ROI.