Pioneering Attiro Flooring System To Be Installed In New Sheffield Hallam University Building

Kingspan Access Floors has secured an order for its pioneering new Attiro accessible oak flooring to be installed in a £30 million building constructed by Balfour Beatty for Sheffield Hallam University.

Attiro secures magnetically to Kingspan steel encapsulated raised access flooring, achieving the look of a traditional wood floor but without limiting access to the raised floor and void beneath.

A total of 200 sq m of Attiro will be installed in a café area of the new building, which will house parts of the University's Faculty of Development and Society, and the Sheffield Institute of Education.

Attiro meets various environmental and sustainability criteria – it can be easily lifted and reused in another area or project and the timber is supplied from FSC approved sources.

Attiro offers cost savings – because it is installed at the fit out stage of a project there is far less chance of damage, if a stave does need to be replaced it can be easily removed, and the floor can be walked on as soon as it has been laid.

In addition to the Attiro floor, Kingspan is installing a ceramic tile bonded to its Heavy Grade DRF panel. The overall subcontract includes 7,500 sq m of RMG access floor panels on all floors of the seven storey building, which features a 300-plus seat lecture theatre, teaching rooms, learning spaces, staff spaces, and reception.

The access floor panels are being installed over a heavily serviced void, so Kingspan has carried out extensive bridging work when fitting the pedestals.

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