Physiotherapy Pool, Athens

Project: Physiotherapy Pool, Athens

The Problem

This orthopaedic rehabilitation hospital in Athens, Greece, required a matting which could be used throughout a new wing comprising a physiotherapy pool, shower areas and changing rooms. Due to the nature of the pool, it was important to specify a high performance matting which was not only sturdy but also hygienic and flexible. The matting also had to be suitable for laying on the metal steps leading to the pool and for continuous submersion in water.

The Solution

It was decided to install the well-known safety matting Heronrib, manufactured from PVC in the UK by Plastic Extruders Ltd. This matting has a reputation for high performance and for reducing accidents and slipping in wet areas such as in changing rooms, around swimming-pools and in showers. Additionally, it contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial additives which provide hygienic protection. Its embossed surface makes it comfortable to stand on as well as being highly slip resistant. The matting can also be rolled up for cleaning and relaying quickly and easily. Cable ties have been used to secure the matting on the steps to ensure it stays in place even when fully submersed.

The Comments

Specialist flooring contractor George Beredimas comments, “This was an interesting project for us and great care needed to be taken to make sure we specified the right matting. Due to the nature of the scheme and its use by elderly, disabled and injured people, we thought Heronrib was the best solution. We’ve used it before and it is excellent at helping people to keep their footing.”

The Product

Heronrib has an open grid construction with raised profile underbars allowing water to drain away easily in all directions. This means that the top surface remains relatively dry and highly slip resistant. The matting, available in several colours, is very hardwearing, comfortable to stand on and hygienic for bare feet. It is supplied in 10m rolls, which means that large areas can be covered with the minimum of seams, and in widths of 50cm, 1m and 1.22m.