Project: Maggie's Lanarkshire

The latest in a network of Maggie's Centres, designed by Reiach & Hall Architects, this new centre sits on the grounds of Monklands General Hospital. The site once belonged the Airdrie Estate and a hospital in one form or another has stood on the site since the 1920s. 

With inspiration taken from the persian meaning of the word 'paradise' -  'walled enclosure', the golden white walls that surround the internal retangular single-storey building offer glimpses of the garden beyond whilst shielding the building from it's surroundings.

The architects used Kolumba and D in Flensburg Format – in nine different sizes – to create perforations in the brickwork, giving a woven effect reminiscent of early garden enclosures. Special bricks were used in the piers and on the corners.