Penthouse Apartment, Chamonix, France

Project: Penthouse Apartment, Chamonix, France


This beautiful residence, formerly a grand hotel, had recently been converted into 10 apartments in the very quaint, picturesque and sort after town of Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, located in a valley in the French Alpine region. The location offers peace and tranquility, yet is close to the lively centre and the chalet was built in the grand "Belle époque" style of architecture which Chamonix is so famous for.


The Glazing Vision roof-light was installed in a recently converted open planned penthouse apartment within the building, and the task for Glazing Vision was to ensure the aesthetics of the building were never compromised and that the resulting rooflight was pleasing to the eye but also practical and sage for the Alpine winters and heavy weather it may experience.



The rooflight was a bespoke sliding over roof configuration and was designed and built to a specification that is capable of withstanding the unique environmental influences of the region including heavy snow and wind loads during the Alpine winters.


The rooflights drive mechanism (adapted from technology used in ocean racing yachts), and glass specification, set a new standard for Glazing Vision in how the product can open and close freely when pitched at 30+ degrees after enduring the varying affects of the seasonal climate, but also one that has a new in built anti lift mechanism to ensure the safety of the product and the local environment that it is housed in.


The placement of the rooflight directly in the main living area of the apartment, provides an exceptional view of Mont Blanc itself and offers the occupants the ability to open the roof-light and feel a connection with the mountain, in such a way that they can almost reach out and touch it.



1 No. Sloped Sliding Over Roof Rooflight 2600mm x 2100mm sliding in the 2600mm dimension horizontally across the roof to create a 100% clear opening


Rooflight Specifications

Glass -
46.3mm Double Glazed Unit comprising:
21.5mm Clear Toughened Heat Soaked Outer,
14mm Black Silicone Sealed Spacer Bar,
10.8mm Clear Laminated Low-E Inner

Paint Finish - RAL 7015 Slate Grey.