Passivhaus Artist's Studio. Canterbury, Kent

Project: Passivhaus Artist's Studio. Canterbury, Kent

FAKRO FTT U6 triple-glazed pine roof windows have been used in the design of the Passivhaus Artist’s Studio in Canterbury. As the UK’s first light industrial Passivhaus project the building obtained a preliminary airtightness test result of 0.39 air changes per hour, comfortably inside the Passivhaus limit of 0.6 and UK Building Regulations of just 10.

The BBA certified FTT U6 has an overall U-value of 0.81 W/M2K, giving it the best performance available in a standard triple-glazed roof window. Its enhanced sealing system and internal laminated pane gives the glazing unit a thermal performance of 0.5 W/m²K.

Passivhaus Designer Paul Mallion of Conker Conservation commented, “I selected the roof lights as they have a good Ug value and insulated flashings, wool thermal break, airtight and windproof collar and remote electrical operation. Being one of the UK’s first certified Passivhaus buildings we also opted for a higher glazing specification”.