Outdoor Classroom, Leicester

Project: Outdoor Classroom, Leicester

Looking at photos of the completed project and you’d be forgiven for thinking you were in the middle of a theme park or fairytale woodland rather than a school’s outdoor classroom, but the bright coloured flooring surfaces by Playrite and the toadstool seats sourced by Leicester County Council have already created a great amount of interest, and will help to capture imaginations whilst the children are learning outside.
During 2011 the school will be making numerous improvements throughout, and one of the projects which is just about to be finalised involves an outdoor classroom featuring artificial surfaces by Playrite.
All Play Services worked with Leicester County Council to complete the project, where the Matchwinner Velour carpet by Playrite was installed directly onto a pre-prepared compacted base. Holes were created into the base for the toadstools to be fitted into and the carpet was cut to allow for them to fit in seamlessly. Matchwinner Velour comes in 12 bright colours, and the school chose green as shown in the images, as well as covering other areas of the playground in red and blue.  
Playrite representative Sean Colbert comments on the finished project: “This has been a really interesting experience working with the School to create something a little bit different. The end result looks fantastic and we’ve already had loads of interest regarding the project. Because Playrite’s Matchwinner Velour is an all weather, low maintenance product, the school will really get the most from the surface all year around.”
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