PURE Water achieved a clean sweep when they provided PURE Link systems for this impressive sequence of office buildings on the Oslo waterfront. Known as the Barcode for their high-rise appearance, Norway’s largest financial services group, DNB, occupies three of these office blocks.

The four other high-profile companies using PURE filtered drinking water at the Barcode are Visma, Deloitte, KLP and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Together these five companies make use of 26 PURE Link systems that provide PURE water to 192 separate dispense points.

They say that great minds think alike. Well, all these leading companies have elected to use our PURE Water systems within their office buildings set alongside the Oslo waterfront.

Naturally, we take great pride in achieving such a clean sweep when it comes to refreshing so many people with PURE drinking water.

Berit Wattne Andsem CEO of PURE Water Norway