Oldham Magistrates Court

Project: Oldham Magistrates Court

During busy court sessions the waiting area inside Oldham Magistrates Court frequently became overcrowded, so it was decided that the area should be expanded by removing the internal lobby, thus providing more space in the waiting area. A new lobby was then constructed outside the building to provide a new court entrance.

A screed had to be laid to an area of 50 m2 which would raise the floor level up to that of the building’s interior. The new lobby would then be built upon this solid base.  The screed needed to be suitable for exterior application as it would be open to the weather until the building of the new lobby was complete. It was also important that the screed could cure rapidly, so that the entrance could be used the following morning by the many visitors to the court buildings. RonaScreed DPM and RonaScreed Mortar were specified for the project, the DPM was required to suppress the residual moisture in the concrete floor,  RonaScreed Mortar was specified because it is fast curing and suitable for exterior use.

Contractor Foggs Floor prepared the surface of the concrete slab by vacuum shot blasting to ensure it was lightly textured and free from laitance. Loose shot was removed and the surface was pre-wetted with clean water.

RonaScreed DPM was mixed using a slow speed drill fitted with a helical paddle attachment. All the gauging liquid was poured into a mixing vessel and the powder component was slowly added to form a lump free creamy slurry. Two coats Of the DPM were applied to the damp surface by roller. Each coat was allowed to dry before the next application.

Ronacrete Rapid Primer was then applied to the surface immediately before application of RonaScreed Mortar. The primer was mixed thoroughly and applied evenly over the surface ensuring total and uniform coverage.

The RonaScreed Mortar was mixed in a forced action mixer and placed onto the tacky primer, compacted, ruled and closed with a float.

RonaScreed DPM is a liquid applied surface damp proof membrane designed to reduce the passage of water vapour and allow the adhesion of thin bonded and fast drying screeds to concrete which is either not fully dry or does not have a functioning DPM.

RonaScreed Mortar is a rapid strength gain mortar for laying floor screeds and repairing floor surfaces. The speed of RonaScreed Mortar makes it ideal for floor renewal or renovation in working premises (like a courthouse) where floors must be reinstated with minimum disruption and delay.

RonaScreed Mortar is a strong and durable low permeability mortar, capable receiving foot traffic within hours. Its formulation also allows the screed to be applied at a minimum temperature of 0°C making external work possible during cold weather.