Offices, Manchester

Project: Offices, Manchester

The range of products and services offered by The Window Film Company mean that if you have a glass or window related issue, we’re likely to be able to solve it. The solution can often have additional benefits too, and this was the case with this installation for a Manchester based client.


Health and Safety regulations require that glass in certain areas be made apparent, and this can be done by applying manifestation. The manifestation can take a number of forms, from a simple row of dots or squares, to more elaborate designs and logos. On this occasion, we used artwork provided by our client to print a barcode design, which was then installed by our professional fitters to a number of glass partitions within the office.


The nature of the design meant that the addition of our printed window film also provided an element of privacy, partially obscuring the view into a number of meeting rooms. The contemporary appearance of the film also serves to improve the aesthetics of the glass, transforming what would ordinarily be uninspiring glazing into a decorative feature.


This job highlights the numerous benefits that an application of window film can provide, and with a wide range of films, an in house design and print team, state of the art equipment, and fully trained, friendly staff, The Window Film Company are the choice for a cost effective and professional service.


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