Offices, London

Project: Offices, London

The range of products offered by The Window Film Company mean that it is often possible to provide several solutions in one job and we were delighted to be able to completely transform the frontage of a London office with privacy film and a range of cut graphics.

The office is based on a busy street in London and required a privacy solution that would also serve to raise awareness of the brand as well as providing other important information.

It was decided that Frostbrite frosted film would be the ideal privacy solution, the translucent nature of the film preventing vision through the glass whilst letting through a good amount of natural light – vital for those working within the office. It was agreed that the bottom half of the windows would be covered with frosted film, providing privacy from passers-by, whilst also allowing a view out through the top half of the glazing for those inside.

The main branding element was achieved with another application of film, the second layer of cut film featuring the company name in lettering over a metre high. For maximum impact the text was cut from our Silver Etch frosted film, the different finish providing an eye-catching contrast with the first layer of film. The result is an impressive combination of privacy and branding, drawing the eye to the premises, whilst also preventing unwanted views of the interior.

Another aspect of the job required the company name and web address to be positioned on the shutter boxes. The boxes are located outside the premises, so it was important to choose a film suitable for external use. After discussions with the client, it was agreed that external grade white vinyl was the most appropriate product, with the logo and web address was created by cutting and applying the individual letters. The brilliant white colour allowing the text to really stand out, with the high quality film ensuring a lengthy shelf life.

With each aspect of the job complete, the building took on a completely fresh, new appearance, highlighting and raising awareness of the brand, whilst also providing the necessary privacy.

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