Office Refurbishment, 80 Hammersmith Road

Project: Office Refurbishment, 80 Hammersmith Road

Creating a notable entrance to the high specification office refurbishment at 80 Hammersmith Road, TORMAX installed a contemporary single swing door powered by a concealed iMotion 1401 operator alongside an impressive three wing, manual revolving door.  A sustainable solution, this combination requires almost insignificant operating energy yet significantly reduces heat loss from the prestigious new reception area, even at busy times of the day.  

Offering over 41,000 sq ft of prime office space in west London, 80 Hammersmith Road is arranged over six floors including the ground floor where a reconfigured reception area creates a real sense of arrival.  TORMAX worked with main contractor John Paul Construction and architects Barr Gazetas with Tuffin Ferraby Taylor acting as Project Managers to maximise the use of natural light and create a welcoming yet professional entrance.

All TORMAX iMotion motors deliver significantly longer life expectancy than other automatic operators on the market today.  Cutting-edge technology combined with a high torque synchronous motor delivers reliable, ongoing operation without any of the parts that generally require replacement, such as gears and brushes.  Given this minimal maintenance requirement, it is practicable for the iMotion 1401 operator to be concealed in the floor to create an invisibly driven automatic swing door.

“The iMotion 1401 underfloor operator has been used effectively to create both traditional and contemporary entrances such as 80 Hammersmith Road”, explains Simon Roberts, MD for TORMAX.  “A modern building is enhanced by the clean lines offered by concealed automation whilst with a heritage building invisible automation allows an original, period door to be automated without affecting architectural aesthetics.”

Sophisticated sensors within iMotion motors combine with a ground-breaking control system utilising LIN bus technology to deliver entrances that maximise efficient operation by automatically adapting to external factors, such as a build up of dirt or a change in the prevailing wind.  Site specific requirements are made via a user-friendly keypad, allowing door opening speed and hold open times to be adjusted as necessary.