Nu-Heat's efficient heating solution

Windsor House, a luxury mansion of approximately 793m2, required a highly efficient and reliable renewable heating system.

AH Lyons, the housebuilder behind the project, approached Nu-Heat to design a bespoke system that included a single split air source heat pump with underfloor heating.


Hitachi Yutaki split 16kW ASHP
This split ASHP produces a high heat load from a single unit, avoiding the need for more than one heat pump in larger properties, and is simple to install.

Nu-Heat SC14 – screed underfloor heating
This screed floor construction is used frequently in new-build projects. Simple to install, the 14mm UFH tube is simply clipped into standard insulation before the screed is poured.

Nu-Heat SL20 – screed underfloor heating
SL20 is another screed solution ideally suited to large open plan areas. This floor construction uses 20mm tube.

Read the full case study and see more pictures on the Nu-Heat website

All images © AH Lyons