No. 25 Victoria Street, London, SW1

Project: No. 25 Victoria Street, London, SW1

A comprehensive and imaginative refurbishment programme has recently been completed by managing agents, LaSalle Investment Management on behalf of owners, Coal Pension Properties Ltd, to No 25 Victoria Street, London SW1.
The ‘revitalised’ building, which includes over 47,000 ft of grade ‘A’ office accommodation, has a good BREEAM rating and off ers top of the range Daikin VRV heat recovery air conditioning as well as high quality finishes, new raised floors, suspended ceilings and reception area etc.
The complex comprises 8 open plan office plus 2 basement floors, which house services plant, storage rooms and car parking. A total of 15 VRV systems were installed by specialist air conditioning company RS Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Ltd, Cambridge, on behalf of mechanical and electrical services contractors, EMCOR Engineering Services Ltd, Hatfi eld, Herts.  
The VRV systems have capacities from 40 to 101kW (cooling) and 45 to 113kW (heating) and supply both open plan and reception areas with conditioned air via 218 Daikin FXSQ ceiling concealed indoor fan coil units connected by low pressure ductwork to a combination of linear perimeter grille and multi cone ceiling diff users. Each fan coil unit is able to operate independently, controlling local room temperature by means of a return air sensor located in the ceiling void. Fan coil unit installation layouts are confi gured such that each fl oor with the exception of the ground can be divided into 2 separate self contained tenant wings.
Fresh air for the fan coil units, tempered to 16° C (where necessary), is supplied from air handling plant fi tted with run around cooling coils and heater batteries. Each fl oor is supplied at the rate of 12lit/sec/person based on an occupancy level of 1 person/10m2 plus an allowance of 25% to cater for increased future tenant demand.


  Internal Temperature  External ambient Summer 
Summer 23° C +/- 2 deg C db (max) 30° Cdb, 20° C db
Winter 20° C +/- 2 deg C db (min) -4° C, 100% RH


All VRV outdoor condensing units are mounted on the roof of the building. Five Daikin I-controllers, each allocated to the control of 3 floors, are linked to wall mounted remote room temperature controllers throughout the conditioned areas, the overall VRV installation being monitored and controlled by a Daikin I-manager located in the BMS office in the basement. VRV was selected for the project partly due to its successful use at a broadly similar installation in Fetter Lane, London.