Natural ventilation from SE Controls for award winning Hong Kong Science Park

Project: Hong Kong Science Park 3a and 3b

Phases 3a and 3b of the extensive Hong Kong Science Park development, which won the Grand Award at the international ‘Green Building Awards’ in November 2014, are using more than 2000 window actuators from SE Controls to manage indoor air quality and provide natural ventilation to both of the new buildings.

Designed by architects, Simon Kwan & Associates and constructed by main contractor, Gammon Construction, the new buildings were conceived to be carbon neutral over their lifetime. To meet this goal a range of sustainable technologies and innovative energy saving solutions are incorporated, including a low energy hybrid natural ventilation system, where air conditioning is provided on a ‘pay for use’ basis to help reduce energy consumption.

As the 8 storey buildings use extensive glazed facades, they are orientate north-south to minimise solar gain and windows are automated using 1000 SE Controls SECO N 24 40 compact single chain actuators on each building, which are linked to the BMS and control the single sided, double opening natural ventilation system.

By using double opening window units with a high and low apertures incorporated in the design, warm air is vented through the top and cooler fresh air enters through the lower vent, which provides adequate ventilation to a room depth of 2.5 times the height of the window opening.

Manual opening of the windows is also incorporated into every floor, so that individual units can be opened or closed by the buildings’ occupants, when external weather conditions permit, to provide good indoor air quality and thermal comfort.

Frank Leung, Project Manager with SE Controls’ Asia Pacific operation in Hong Kong, explained: “Natural ventilation provides a highly energy efficient method of reducing costs and environmental impact. The innovative and holistic approach to sustainability that has been taken with the new Hong Kong Science Park buildings has shown what can be achieved with innovative systems and an integrated approach to energy management and carbon reductions and we’re delighted to have contributed to its award winning status.”