"MEDITE PREMIER MDF has been used to create innovative 3D feature wall designs at the corporate headquarters of international media company, UBM, in Blackfriars, Central London.

The landmark development made use of the timber panels in a bespoke interior wall design on each floor. Architectural sign specialist, Signbox, based in Surrey, was commissioned by UBM to create and install the eye-catching feature wall designs at the media company’s headquarters located at 240 Blackfriars in Central  London.  The  decorative  walls,  positioned  at the main entrance to each floor were designed specifically to reflect the innovation and professionalism of the international media brand, representing its global presence by creating a series of iconic building silhouettes from around the world.

Ten sheets of MEDITE PREMIER  in various thicknesses were routed and painted to create a different feature design for each of the three floors of the new office building.  The  designs  incorporate  3D  art,  painted white and blue to create the distinctive silhouette images on each wall. MEDITE PREMIER MDF was chosen as its smooth surface offers a great base for painted surface finishes or the application of even the thinnest laminates so a high quality finish can be easily achieved."

"Signbox specified the material, as it has extensive experience  in  using  MEDITE  PREMIER  MDF  for  high quality finishes on numerous signage and
interior design projects. The  panels  are  manufactured  using  superior  wood refining  technology  and  specially  designed  resins  to produce a consistently high quality MDF panel with excellent  performance  characteristics.  For  Signbox, this meant it was the ideal material to use on the 3D feature walls at UBM as it could be easily machined, painted and fabricated to the desired design.
Mark   Bartlett,   Signbox   Managing   Director,   said: “MEDITE PREMIER was ideal for this application as the high quality and remarkable consistency of the panel means that it offers great design freedom and provides the high quality result required by our clients. The material is easy to machine, even easier to paint and performs better than other MDF products as the edges are strong even when routed, meaning they do not fray. We use this panel regularly for various interior design projects, and it has never let us down.”