Manchester Police HQ, Manchester

Project: Manchester Police HQ, Manchester

Moralt supplied around 600 LAMINESSE FireSmoke 44mm/54mm PEFC certified door blanks to leading door manufacturer Timber Door Solutions Ltd. (TDSL), through its UK sole distributor James Latham for the new Greater Manchester Police Headquarters. The architect for the project required an appropriate laminated timber fire-rated door blank as a basis for the walnut faced doors that would meet the more rigorous demands of a prestigious public building.

As well as the fire-rating, the mechanical and service life certification of the door blank – DD171, EN1191, EN1192, EN12217 – were also critical. The unique construction of the relatively lightweight Moralt Spruce laminated core (Spruce has a density of around 450kg/m3), made-up from 4mm thick rotary-peeled veneers that are then dove-tailed together ensure stability and strength, makes the Moralt LAMINESSE door blank ideal for this application.

Furthermore this laminated veneer core offers excellent screw-holding for the door ironmongery such as hinges and door closers, which is particularly important in the high-usage environments of public buildings.